Drama 3-14 years

We offer fun constructive drama classes for all ages and abilities, from 3 years to students wishing to prepare for drama school or univerity.

We also offer classes and examinations in LAMDA devised performance and GCSE Drama.

By taking drama classes students can speak more confidently, improve academic competence, improve self esteem, meet new friends, improve listening skills, explore their imaginations.





Drama Fun 3-4 years

This class is an introduction to Drama for 3-4 years, it is great time for them to begin to explore the world of drama.  These enjoyable sessions are the perfect introduction with no pressure to perform just lots of encouragement, smiles and fun.  Sessions are run by experienced teachers of this age group.


Performance Drama 12+

In this challenging yet fun drama class, students will work on improvisation, character building, script work and different drama techniques. Students will use a variety of techniques, voices, accents, props, music etc to broaden their idea of drama

They will be required to work alone and in groups and will be challenged in a fun safe environment.



Screen Acting 10+


Improvisation 10+


Youth Drama 1 10+ years


This class covers Improvisation, character building, devising drama and script work. This class is part of our SATURDAY PERFORMANCE SCHOOL

The Improvisation class is a type of drama class where most or all of what is performed is created at the moment it is performed. The dialogue, the action, the story and the characters are created collaboratively by the students as the improvisation unfolds in present time, without use of an already prepared, written script. This style of drama really challenges the students to use there imaginations and think on their feet! This class is part of our SATURDAY PERFORMANCE SCHOOL

In this class students learn on-screen techniques, devising their own short movies and commercials from the writing to the shooting. Other aspects include talking to camera and directing. This clas is part of our SATURDAY PERFORMANCE SCHOOL

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