Is it for you?

This course will suit those with an interest in drama, particularly those with a creative mind and who enjoy performing. A good level of written work is essential. Assessment is varied through practical examination and controlled assessment.


We strongly recommend that students attend other drama classes along side this course.

We recommend the Youth Theatre class-Wednesdays 6.30-7.30 or Youth Drama 2-Saturdays 12.30-1.30


Class details

Lessons commence Tuesday 13th September and are once a week 6.00pm – 8.00pm

Compulsory coursework sessions start mid / late November Thursdays 6.00pm to 8.00pm

*Course times and days are subject to change at the descretion of the centre.


What you will need

Access to a lap top for the Thursday course work sessions

Play text:  (included in payment)

Unit 2 textbook Stanislavski in Practice (included in payment)



Course Fees - £900 (can be split into 3 x termly payments)

Discount - 10% discount if fees are paid in full at the beginning of the course

Other - £50 NLPAC annual membership for those students who are not already members of the centre.

GCSE Drama Course

We are now taking applications for the course starting in September 2016. Please contact us to be added to the audition list or complete your details on the online form.

Exam board: EDEXCEL

Assessment Method: Practical examination and controlled assessment.

Qualification: GCSE

Level: Level 2

NLPAC offers the GCSE Drama course to students in year 10 or 11 from September 2016.  The qualification is taught over 1 academic year. This course looks at Drama as a practical subject, developing skills of improvisation, role play, script and performance. An intellectual approach is necessary in terms of selecting the appropriate drama form to express an issue or an idea.

There are many strands to the course:


Performance skills, speech and movement

The study of text in a working context

Working creatively in groups of different sizes

Creating a piece of drama for a particular audience

Examining the language of drama, i.e... space, movement and words

Understanding the importance and use of set design, lighting, costume and make up

Written work in order to evaluate your own work, that of others and that of productions you may see


This will enable students to:


Respond creatively to various stimuli

Create their own performances

Adopt and sustain a role

Develop imagination and self confidence

Gain personal skills

Work with others


Course Outline

Unit 1 Drama Exploration

30% of the GCSE

Exploration of Craig and Bentley


Assesment Method: Course work - Contolled assessment

Documentary response (recommended maximum 2000 words)

Unit 2 Exploring Play Texts

30% of the GCSE

Practical exploration of Play Text


Assessment Method: Course work - Controlled assessment

Documentary response to practical exploration (recommended maximum 1000 words)

Documentary response to live theatre (recommended maximum 2000 words)



Unit 3 Drama Performance

40% of the GCSE


Students will present their work as either performers or performance support students in a

single performance to an examiner appointed by Edexcel at the end of May.


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