ISTD DDI & DDE teachers course

ISTD DDI/DDE Teacher Training


The New London Performing Arts Centre has been approved by the ISTD to deliver to learner teachers the regulated teaching qualifications that form the ISTD’s initial teacher training, the Level 3 Diploma in Dance Instruction (DDI) and the Level 4 Diploma in Dance Education (DDE).This approval process is to ensure the prospective ADC meets the standards of the ISTD and the Regulators (Ofqual, DfES, CCEA).



















































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Application Form DDI Level 3 Syllabus DDE Level 4 Syllabus
DDI - Imperial Ballet
DDI - Modern Theatre DDI - Tap Dance

This qualification is offered to students aged 17 and over and can be studied in Imperial Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre and Tap.


The DDI consists of 4 Units:


Unit 1: Observation and Understanding of Teaching and Learning Techniques


Unit 2: Promotion of Health and Safety in Dance


Unit 3: Vocational Graded Examination in Dance:Intermediate


Unit 4: Dance Practice and the Relationship between Music and Dance in a Chosen Dance Genre


The DDE consists of 5 Units:


Unit 1: Planning Techniques and evaluation of Dance Teaching


Unit 2: Dance Teaching Practice


Unit 3: Lifespan Development and Learning in Dance


Unit 4: Dance Practice and the Relationship between Music & Dance in a chosen Dance Genre.


Unit 5:  Contextual Study of Dance

This course is offered on a flexible part-time basis

We recommend 1 year to complete the DDI and 1.5 to complete the DDE.


DDI classes take place on  Fridays.


DDE Classes take place on Saturday mornings.




Head Tutor - Susan James

Tap Tutor - Antonio Barone